My husband and I moved to a large city in a new state recently in order for me to attend Seminary. We felt a VERY clear call from God to do this that was affirmed over and over again. We are still confident that this is where God wants us, but are struggling deeply with feeling abandoned by Him. My husband took the only job he could find, as a janitor, in order to support us but we barely make enough to get by every month. He has been searching for a new job for months (he is a college graduate with experience in a variety of fields) but, in over 30 applications, has only gotten one call back. We have just found out that we will owe almost $8000 on our taxes that we do not have. So our question is this, what do you do when it seems God has abandoned you? We feel very alone and aren’t sure where God even is in all of this anymore. We have asked and cried out over and over. We are confident that this is still where God wants us and I personally love the things I am learning at Seminary but in the rest of life we feel like we are barely keeping our heads above water. We aren’t sure where to turn or what even to ask anymore other than “God, where are you!?!?!?”

This is my faith hurdle.  — Stacey