mfh815My abusive husband left me with 3 young kids for another woman. I have prayed and prayed so hard, fasted, done everything I could for 3 years and still nothing. Not a word or a little help from God. I can’t find employment. I am forced to put up with abuse from my ex and his new wife, while they flaunt their wealth in my children’s faces, going on exotic vacations and making sure her children (not his children) have everything they want. All the while my kids barely have enough to eat and they wear clothes that are too small.

I am losing my faith. I feel like God has abandoned us. What have we done wrong that he would refuse to hear our cries for help? Just a word from his lips to the right ears, a hand up–that’s all I ask for, so that I can provide for my children. They too are losing faith in this all-loving God who has abandoned us.

What do I do? How do I praise God when he has turned he back on me?

This is my faith hurdle. –MKB