ringsBiblically speaking, there is very little room for Christ-followers to divorce without entering into sin. There are various viewpoints regarding where the “line” is on this topic. Some say there is zero biblical justification for Christ-followers to divorce at all – ever. Some say divorce is permissible if one spouse is a believer and the other is a non-believer, and the non-believing spouse chooses to exit the marriage and pursue divorce. Others say that if adultery has taken place, then divorce is acceptable. So these are the three majority “camps” within the Christian community. There are others, of course.

And yet, statistically, aren’t our churches full of people who have divorced for reasons outside of these major camps? We rub shoulders with them. We’re on committees and leadership teams with them. And no one bats an eye. No one thinks anything of it. These are people who clearly have made choices that are often contrary to even the most permissive view of divorce. Yet we, as “the church,” are for the most part rather accepting of them.

But we, the same “church,” are very non-accepting of people who have an alternative LGBTQ lifestyle. We clearly seem to apply one standard to one unacceptable area of sin, yet an entirely different standard to a different unacceptable area of sin.

Why is that? Why isn’t divorce – which God says he hates – just as unacceptable to us as homosexuality? Or why do we, in general, not accept practicing homosexuals while accepting practicing divorcees? Are we possibly too accepting of divorce and too non-accepting of homosexuality? Are we two-faced?

This is my faith hurdle. –David