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Brave and Scared+

An Announcement from Dale and Jonalyn Fincher Our writing team at Soulation has published 525 articles across the span of...

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What Makes It Taste So Good?+

We need some warm weather to make the corn come up. At least that’s what my grandpa said one morning...

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Give Me Limits, Please+

One of my dearest friends is partially deaf in one ear. We met in college, and her persistence in conversations...

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Buying Love at the Mall+

I stood at the intersection of excess: Burberry behind me, Louis Vutton to my left, Tiffany & Co. to my...

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Are Men and Women the Same?+

Editor’s Note: Dale Fincher reflected on the myths of male superiority here and here. We continue the discussion today.  We can reframe the discussion...

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Does Grief Have an Expiration Date?+

“I wish I was there. We would cry and probably cuss.” The words came from a close friend the day...

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Too Young to Talk About Grief?+

This Memorial Day, Soulation releases a new book, Invitation to Tears: A Guide to Grieving Well. The authors, Jonalyn Fincher...

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The Flaw in the Heart of the Crystal+

People of Eastern religions—Hindus, Buddhists, Jains—can breezily go on their way, totally ignoring, and ignorant of, the Jewish people, if...

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What Is Lust?+

I’ll confess: I don’t like the term “lust” very much, having been a mostly unwilling party to one too many...

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Mom Sent Me Away So I’d Come Home+

Let me tell you some stories about my mom. She was a creative persuader. When I was a surly teenager...

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