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Singled Out in Church+

I love the church. I love that I grew up in the church. Because I love the people who cared...

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What and Why I Hoard+

The present is razor-thin; it’s always tumbling into the past before we enjoy it. My parents passed away not long ago....

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Forget Bible Blockbusters; Give Me a Good Documentary+

There is a predictable march that begins anytime Hollywood opens its doors to a film with even a hint of...

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Jesus Doesn’t Want You to Have Childlike Faith+

Editor’s note: See the end of this post, reprinted from the Sturdy Answers archives, for an invitation to learn how...

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Turning the Other Cheek, Part 3: Responding+

In the Part Two we talked about how the most important part about turning the other cheek is to admit you’ve been...

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Turning the Other Cheek, Part 2: Admitting It+

In Part 1, we discussed how every one of us has been “emotionally slapped” or treated cruelly by someone. How...

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Crying Shame+

I’d wondered when it would come up, when someone from church—an elder, a deacon, a pastor, my boss— would mention...

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Turning the Other Cheek: Emotional Slapping+

Editor’s note: This week we’re featuring something from the Sturdy Answers archives. Jesus told us to “turn the other cheek”...

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Shattered by Shame+

An enormous cherry-wood table sits in the conference room at my workplace. The edges of the table are scraped and...

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Time Trials of a Work-at-Home Mom+

The Olympics have brought intense competition, heartfelt emotion, and really good ads. Like my favorite commercial about Olympian Noelle Pikus-Pace, who won...

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