As a freshman in high school, Hoops' NBA aspirations didn't fit his 95-pound frame. So he dedicated himself to another court, and, by 16, he had a job with the sports section at The Journal-Standard. There he learned to play with words instead basketballs, shoot pictures instead of free throws, design pages instead of plays. These skills were then refined at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, where he graduated in December 2005.

Seven years later, Hoops is still on campus at Mizzou, where he works part-time as a campus missionary with Great Commission Ministries at The Rock Church. With the rest of his time, he pursues his passion for writing and editing. He is a teaching assistant at the Columbia Missourian, a senior editor at Soulation and a freelance writer for a travel magazine called EthnoTraveler.

And even though Hoops' professional basketball career never took off, he didn't completely abandon the sport. With a last name Hoops, the game is in his blood. So he now terrorizes the pick-up game circuit, where he's known for his deadly 3-point shot and quick first step.

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