I’m a pastor at a soulful, quirky little church by the sea in Laguna Beach. I’ve been there for almost 12 years, and I fall more deeply in love with God’s church each day. I embrace a style of leadership similar to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz — I’m along for the journey and realize I have as many or more hurdles before me as my congregants. I have an amazing wife, who has the gift of woo. She is an incredible dancer, and I think she has the best voice ever. I have three children, who are all brilliant and amazing, and no pets, since I’m hopelessly allergic to everything. I attended seminary at Talbot, where I studied philosophy, and have done doctoral and post-doctoral work at George Fox University in the areas of epistemology and semiotics. I also love coffee, surfing, writing, and C.S. Lewis. And Chesterton. And Pascal, and Kierkegaard, and Tolkien, and Milne, and Merton. But especially Lewis.