As of May, I was a graduate of Biola University and the Torrey Honors Institute, leaving that cozy place with a Bachelor's in Humanities. Yeah. My "career path" looks about that clear to me too. But hey, I managed to read much of the Western canon there. And along the lines of education, I guess mine converted me to care deeply about real learning—in the classroom and out— but especially that young people—the littlest of us— are instilled with 'the fundamentals' early on: that they are whole persons made in the image of God and meant to engage their soul, body, mind, and heart deeply with the world. And that cultivating virtue is the way into freedom.

My freshman year, a friend recommended Anne Lamott to me. From then on I've read her religiously. She was my first author-bookfriend, showing me the path to personhood and my voice as a person and writer. And from my writing, you'll see that I am a sacramentalist, in that, while things point to the Thing, I believe things in themselves have meaning. Everything is connected. And this gives me hope.

Last things: I am a Southern California native, but have an itch to move elsewhere sometime within the next few years. My future is, for the first time, unprescribed, so I plan on being a professional Aunt to my baby niece Clare for now and forever.

Thanks for reading!

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