Born and raised in Virginia, I attended Christian schools attached to fundamentalist Baptist churches all throughout my education, culminating in my attending Pensacola Christian College, home of A Beka Books, for an undergrad degree in English Education and Speech Education (think drama/theatre), also a Master's degree in Interpretive Speech. During my grad school years, I taught English in China one summer and decided living overseas was for me. By the time I finished my Master's degree in 1999, I'd had more than enough of legalistic, performance-based American Christianity and escaped to Singapore and a teaching job there. Our students were both MKs (missionary kids) from many different countries and TCKs (third culture kids) from all over the world. Met my MK/TCK Canadian husband Glenn there. (And happily ate crow for all the pooh-poohing I had done to people who prophesied I'd meet my mate overseas.) Had our first child there. Attended a wonderful Presbyterian church there.

We moved to Canada and in 2005 and bought a garden centre/nursery started and run by Glenn's uncle & aunt. It took about five years to feel genuinely settled here, in our tiny village in northern Ontario.

Until summer of 2013, we had been attending and very involved in our small rural church, teaching and helping with kids' ministries and music ministry. After discovering and confronting problems and issues in the leadership of that church and being repeatedly ignored, we made the hard decision to leave.

Currently, our family of six has no church home. We're in recovery mode from our last one.

In the meantime, let me tell you that I love reading, teaching, performing, writing, laughing, drinking coffee, playing games, tending gardens, watching seasons change, exercising, talking with friends, and watching movies. I even like getting thing about it—understanding freedom in Christ and my identity in him more deeply, more truly than ever before.

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