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Praying With Flannery+

I’ve always wrestled with the question of whether there’s an appropriate way to ask God for things that are tearing...

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Unwrapping the Gift of Peace+

During an extended family gathering a few days after Christmas, I asked a relative in her early 20s the predictable...

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Now I Know How David Felt+

  Four years ago, I missed a phone call. I was at Panera, picking up a bagel for breakfast, and...

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My Prayer Companion, C.S. Lewis+

A book reviewer once speculated that C.S. Lewis’ appeal perhaps was due to “the fact that he had himself found the way...

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That’s the Wrong Way to Worship!+

Drums kicked a strong and even beat, clapping around the room quickened pace, and I reached for my child-sized tambourine....

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This is where my port is. She points to a small bump, just under the surface of her skin. Just...

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