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Praying With Flannery+

I’ve always wrestled with the question of whether there’s an appropriate way to ask God for things that are tearing...

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Clowning Around With the Weight of Glory+

Soft green hills hold slender cypress trees in an Italian countryside. A young man named Giovanni steps rhythmically along a...

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Friendship Risks+

Last month, RiverNorth Fiction released the novel Anita Lustrea and I co-wrote. Since we were friends — part of a...

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Self-marketing Is Not Boasting+

Nearly six months after graduation, I landed a job teaching other soon-to-be grads how to encounter the job market. Oh,...

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Remembering the Shapers+

I recently found out that a former professor, William Vande Kopple, had died. Suddenly. Suddenly he had died. And suddenly...

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