I have a low view of politicians. That statement should shock no one — as politician usually tops the various “most scorned occupation” lists that float about. That said, I like to think my low view isn’t the result of me jumping on any bandwagon of scorn, but in fact, based on solid reason.

For one, I live in Illinois, where corruption and politician could be synonyms on my kids’ vocabulary tests. Here it seems politicians grow as crooked as the corn grows tall. Prisons across the land are filled with our former elected officials — from the lowest offices to the highest. It’s not that they are all corrupt, certainly, but enough are to render the rest suspect.

For two, my husband is involved with politics. After a recent run for public office (which he lost: perhaps a blessing in disguise considering my low views), someone asked me what I learned during my stint as a candidate’s wife.

My answer came quick:  “I learned that politics is dirtier than you think.”

And it is. Although I had hoped it wouldn’t be the case.

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