God does not follow political party platforms. Neither does truth. In the current state of American politics, both sides of the aisles — Democrats representing the Progressive or Liberal point of view, and Republicans representing the Conservative point of view — believe they are right, true, good, and have the best interest of the nation in mind.

Each side is so convinced in their party platform, they will lie, bully, and push their agendas for the sake of their parties’ ends as Ari Shapiro, of NPR, recently reported in July. And if we believe bending the truth and framing an opponents view in bad light is not lying, then what exactly is it?

Since when in history have we considered civil discourse and good living and community flourishing to involve spinning one another’s words so as to deceive the voter into our point of view? I thought lying was for those who didn’t want to be found out, who didn’t want the curtain pulled back to be revealed that they were frauds, as the Wizard of Oz taught us?

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