After school every day my kids and I run through a sort of “poor man’s” or maybe “cheap date” version of the Examen.

I ask: “What was the absolutely best, most awesomely-terrific part of your day?” and then “What was the most horrible, dreadful, poke-needles-in-your-eyes worst part?” Or some such.

And on one afternoon — just a few days into the new school year — my daughter answered that the best part had been singing in music class. I smiled and turned to ask her what made it great. She had missed singing with friends over the summer and it was fun to do it again. Although, she said, “I miss singing about Jesus. Because singing about Jesus with other people is really great.”

And with that, my heart sank. This fall, we made the prayerful and (we believe) God-led decision to take our kids out of the wonderful Christian school they had been attending and to send them to our local public school. The reasons for the switch were twofold: (1) financial and (2) because see the neighbor-kids going one way to school and my kids going another wasn’t jiving real well with my longing to be part of our community.

Even still, the decision was not made lightly nor without some tears. However, we felt God’s blessing in what we considered to be an act of obedience. My kids ended up genuinely excited to switch and to experience something new, and they seemed to love their new school from the start.

My daughter’s words about not getting to worship with her friends were the first negative I had heard. But those words were whoppers.

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