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05/14 - Can the God of the Bible be separate from his followers?...
05/07 - Is it wrong to correct the bump on my nose with rhinoplasty?...
04/09 - What is the truth about the marriage bed?...
04/02 - How do I support religious freedom without sounding like a bigot?...

Sometimes you just need to talk to someone privately. "Ask Live" offers you a chance for a private one-on-one chat with Dale or Jonalyn Fincher. If your question or puzzling life situation won't fit in MyFaithHurdle (see above), then request an appointment for this unique spiritual mentoring. "Ask Live" appointments are usually for Wednesday evenings, but we can work with your schedule.

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Soulation Gatherings

Great conversation, new friends, and beautiful places. The Gatherings (Gold, Green, and White) offer you an opportunity to learn from Dale & Jonalyn Fincher along with a dozen other attendees, nestled in Steamboat Springs, CO, in the Rocky Mountains. These five-day experiments in community, hosted by Soulation, are unique to any retreat you've ever attended. Learn more about the Gatherings.

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