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May, 2012


Is Patriarchy More Beautiful than Egalitarianism?+

Lead and follow. It’s beautiful. It’s got all that history behind it, it’s THE way the sexes move, on the...

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Why I Do and Don’t Practice Zen+

I saw the painter at our (nearly finished!) house before he saw me. His hat read “Bikes not Bombs.” I...

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Hearing from God: placebo or reality?+

Sanford anthropologist, Tanya Luhrmann, author of When God Talks Back, explained in a recent Christianity Today article “Why Women Hear...

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How to be Mom Enough+

A mother gives a child her place in this world. We are all walking tableaus of how we were raised....

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What’s Wrong with S&M?+

I’ve listened with inner surprise as friends explained their preferences in bed. You really do that? I want to say....

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Sex, Food and Fifty Shades of Gray+

A man walks past your office, he’s eating a sandwich that smells like heaven.  You notice it’s past lunch.  You...

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