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What our Bodies Know+

How often have we looked at our bodies and found something we’re not quite familiar with?  It happened in junior...

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Flat – Pre and Post Pregnancy Body+

A recent comment from a poet and friend “Learning to admire my not-as-narrow waist and not-as-board-flat-tummy” inspired me to post...

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Ashley Judd Gets it Right+

“The only thing that matters is how I feel about myself, my personal integrity, and my relationship with my Creator.”...

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Why I Believe in Regrets+

I’ve met people who say they live with “no regrets.” Frankly, I just don’t get that.  Doesn’t regret mean “wishing...

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To Cut or Not to Cut: Breast Reduction Surgery the Healthy Way+

I caught up with a co-founder of a non-profit in town to talk about her recent plastic surgery.  Tara Chavarria...

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Deaths of Playboys, Lives of Husbands+

I picked up the Wall Street Journal article “Death of the Playboy” and learned that this author, Steve Garbarino was bemoaning...

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How Tina Fey Helped me Love My Body+

Do you know how many women say broad-minded things in public (Every woman is beautiful in her own way), but don’t believe...

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