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Queen of the Castle+

Moving into our new house makes me feel like a college freshman again. Fifteen years ago I moved from Los...

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Life in Momma’s Belly+

In one of the long afternoons this week I kicked the beach ball around the yard with my son remembering...

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Is Patriarchy More Beautiful than Egalitarianism?+

Lead and follow. It’s beautiful. It’s got all that history behind it, it’s THE way the sexes move, on the...

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Ashley Judd Gets it Right+

“The only thing that matters is how I feel about myself, my personal integrity, and my relationship with my Creator.”...

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Who do I look like? Listening to The Hunger Games+

My mom hung a little cream placard with blue letters in our kitchen. Growing up I’d read it often, “You...

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Eating an Orange: Women and Food+

I sat with an unpeeled orange in my lap looking out over the snowy hill.  I could see the spot...

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Smiling Too Much+

We spent New Year’s in Pebble Beach at a dear cousin’s home.  We walked Carmel’s beach and watched picture-perfect blond...

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