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What is Lust?+

For April I will be covering common questions about guy/girl friendships. But before we can clear the ground to build...

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If You Love Skinny Boys+

It is godlike to love the being of someone. Your existence is a delight to us. Gilead, Marilynne Robinson I...

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Letting Barbie In Our House+

Within our marriage, it was my husband who first believed men and women could be friends. One of his long-time...

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Guys Like That – Girls Like Me+

I’m pleased to be sharing a bonus post this week for Valentine’s Day, written by a friend and fellow writer...

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Mary DeMuth on Recovering From Sexual Abuse+

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I want to talk about loving someone well . . . after the trauma of...

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Transgender Questions+

Before turning the floor over to Savannah Wolfson (who has also written the popular Women Who Breastfeed in Church for RubySlippers)...

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Talking Taboo for Christmas+

Every now and again I meet a woman whose vulnerability is both intentional and well-tended. Erin S. Lane is such...

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