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Christian feminism

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Emerald City: Atheist and Christian Discuss Sex+

I’ve followed Emily Heist Moss‘ articles at Role Reboot for some time. But it wasn’t until I tweeted up how...

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Women Who Breastfeed In Church+

Guest post by Savvy Wolfson Sunday morning with my first nursling: I sat in the church service thinking about how...

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I am the Patriarchy+

I read this line from Brené Brown, “Holy *#$&. I am the patriarchy.” After the example she gave, I had...

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Emerald City Encore: Pro-Choice Feminist talks with a Pro-Life Apologist+

You asked for it! Last Emerald City with Pro-Life Apologist Josh Brahm did not include the debate (due to technical difficulties)....

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Gay Marriage: Lessons for Christians on Both Sides+

When I first started doubting the age-old “plain” meaning of Scripture, I was nervous.  If I could say “Oh, that’s...

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Cultivators of the Earth+

*some heat and light for your New Year’s resolutions The Jewish story of beginnings starts with a lonely guy naming...

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Feminist: Mommy+

My son was sick. Usually, I’m a good nurse, but this one morning, I was feeling ambivalent toward being a mommy....

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