gender roles

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What’s Allowed in Christian Bedrooms?+

“Right behavior in and of itself does not assure love, honor, or grace.” When you want to do something out...

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When Women Initiate Sex+

Ladies: How does your spouse react when you take the lead sexually? Men tend to not publicly complain about their wives...

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Why is My Sex Drive Changing?+

Our sex drive is tied to our playfulness. Relationships can get complicated when one partner wants sex more than another....

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What is Jesus’ Sexual Ethic?+

“We have what we need to develop a sexual ethic [from Jesus’ words]. But it’s not going to be based...

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Male and Female Sex Drives+

Does science back up the idea that men are primarily stimulated by sight, and women by touch? Dr. Sellers’ answer shows where female...

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A Safe Place to Talk About Gay Marriage+

“God, the Bible, and the Gay Christian” sign up form The gay question has been on my mind for years....

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Giving the Gift of Consent to Your Spouse+

Guest post by Christina Kroeger Before I got married, consent was pretty clear to me. If he wanted to touch...

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