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Sex with the Lights On: A Spiritual Discipline?+

They knew life was precious, and love–you just don’t turn it away. For ten years at Soulation, we’ve worked to...

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What’s Allowed in Christian Bedrooms?+

“Right behavior in and of itself does not assure love, honor, or grace.” When you want to do something out...

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When Women Initiate Sex+

Ladies: How does your spouse react when you take the lead sexually? Men tend to not publicly complain about their wives...

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Why is My Sex Drive Changing?+

Our sex drive is tied to our playfulness. Relationships can get complicated when one partner wants sex more than another....

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Why Sexual and Spiritual Abuse Go Together+

If you’ve lived in shame¬†from spiritual abuse you know how an abuser cuts off your intuition and free will. Below,...

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How Does Shame Get in the Way of Pleasure?+

“How does shame get in the way of us enjoying our bodies? Not just between lovers, but in all relationships?”...

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Shutting Down Shame in Marriage+

“Instead of getting defensive and blowing up, realize that he or she has just been very brave.” Building on last...

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