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What’s Wrong with S&M?+

I’ve listened with inner surprise as friends explained their preferences in bed. You really do that? I want to say....

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Sex, Food and Fifty Shades of Gray+

A man walks past your office, he’s eating a sandwich that smells like heaven.  You notice it’s past lunch.  You...

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Ashley Judd Gets it Right+

“The only thing that matters is how I feel about myself, my personal integrity, and my relationship with my Creator.”...

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Why I Believe in Regrets+

I’ve met people who say they live with “no regrets.” Frankly, I just don’t get that.  Doesn’t regret mean “wishing...

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Who do I look like? Listening to The Hunger Games+

My mom hung a little cream placard with blue letters in our kitchen. Growing up I’d read it often, “You...

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Red-Blooded Women*+

*simultaneously posted at Christianity Today’s blog for women, Her-meneutics. I watched Butterfield 8 with my husband last weekend. Elizabeth Taylor...

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Rich Ladies: When Women Back a Man’s Ministry+

I know men who proclaim in Sunday services words sharpened by a one-woman audience at home.  Pastors around the country,...

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