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“Birdie’s Song”+

I wanted to share a poem my mom recently wrote for our son, who we’re affectionately calling Birdie (because we’re...

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What Makes Good Mothers?+

I’m going to do something rather risky. Immediately before I give birth to our first son I going to get...

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Women and Their Wonderful Bodies+

During one of the last golden days of summer I watched the sun illuminate a forest of changing aspen leaves....

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New Body, New Blog Location+

I did something a bit unusual tonight; I stepped on our scale. The scale was dusty and difficult to lug...

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Mary and Minute Rice+

I’ve been identifying with Mary lately, expecting a boy, the inconvenience of being pregnant and having to travel. Nazareth is...

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Musings on Pregnancy- Weeks 27-29+

Walking down an icy hill to give a piano lesson, I keep getting distracted by what feels like air bubbles...

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What Does Buddha Offer and What Does Jesus Offer?+

I’ve been in dialog with several Buddhists from around the world in my blog post “Jesus Outshines Buddha. Read the...

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