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Evangelical Feminist?+

Caryn Rivandeniera posts on the trouble with Democrats including evangelical feminists as serious biz at Her-meneutics blog hosted by Christianity...

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Beauty will save the world+

Today I’m wearing a shirt from Image that says “Beauty will save the world.” Gregory Wolfe, who recently penned a...

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Pridometer – what is pride?+

Pride is a chameleon. You think you’re avoiding the vice, when lo, and behold you’ve transmogrified into Pride’s Poster Child....

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Motherhood – one year later (and a Beco Carrier Giveaway)+

It’s been over a year since Finn’s splashy entrance and I’m finding friends (thank you, Julia Wurst) asking for one-year...

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“You’re Only a Woman”: Spiritual Abuse and the Independent Fundamental Baptists+

The father is the hammer. The mother is the chisel. The child is the stone (please note changes from email)....

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For the Love of a Woman – Cleopatra, Sex and Power+

I recently learned that the real Cleopatra wasn’t Elizabeth Taylor beautiful (neither was she Egyptian, she, along with her Ptolemy...

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Golden Hands and Exotic Poles+

Being a little more than a quarter Hispanic, given the multi-ethnic look of so many models, it’s be easy to...

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