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In Pain . . . Blessed are You+

Now I know Jesus wasn’t a masochist, but when a childhood friend drops you like a hot potato, when she tries...

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Thighs this Summer and Curly Girls+

I cut off an old pair of horse-riding jeans this morning.  They’re short, even shorter when I roll them. Yikes!...

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Some Questions for Mark Driscoll+

Nearly five years ago I finished a three year project about femininity and the ways men and women’s souls are...

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Anthropologie’s Exotic Natives+

I want you to take a look at one page from an Anthropologie(self-defined as a “A sensory shopping experience for...

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Evangelical Feminist?+

Caryn Rivandeniera posts on the trouble with Democrats including evangelical feminists as serious biz at Her-meneutics blog hosted by Christianity...

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Beauty will save the world+

Today I’m wearing a shirt from Image that says “Beauty will save the world.” Gregory Wolfe, who recently penned a...

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Pridometer – what is pride?+

Pride is a chameleon. You think you’re avoiding the vice, when lo, and behold you’ve transmogrified into Pride’s Poster Child....

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