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You Can Come Out of Hiding+

We groom our leaders to hide. As most Christian leaders could admit, we are not trained to be very honest....

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The Difference a Dollar Makes+

We can talk all day about how we need donors to keep our doors open, but I have something even...

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Soulation Helped Ex-Mormon Voice Her Doubts+

While I was still in the LDS church, your articles really made me want to start looking for truth more actively....

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Pastoring America+

Most young people don’t really want to go to church anymore. And the reasons are deeper than juvenile immaturity.  The...

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#YesAllWomen and Invitation to Tears Read-Along+

Last month, my husband, my son, and I traveled to Hilo, Hawai’i where we rented a renovated sugar shack. Our little...

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A Gathering About Cross-Sex Friendship+

I’m enjoying a soul workout with nearly 50 friends at our first SoulGym for the next five weeks, so I’m...

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SoulGym FAQ Questions+

I’ll be taking a month off from RubySlippers this May and heading to Soulation’s SoulGym with many of you. This SoulGym...

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