Comfortable In Your Own Skin for Teens


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What does a teenage girl see when she looks in the mirror? Colors of eyes, hair, and skin. The shape of her face or the size of her legs. Whether or not she likes what she sees, her body belongs to her and no one else.

Unfortunately, she spends a lot of time comparing her body to friends and strangers: scrolling through Instagram, flipping through fashion magazines, and watching reality television. She is left feeling insecure and hating her body. What can she do? Learn to find real beauty in the body God gave her!

“Comfortable In Your Own Skin” is the perfect small group study to guide teenage girls (ages 15-18) through the process of learning to love her God-given body for its true beauty and strength. Gather a group and help teenage girls work toward a healthy body image that can last a lifetime!

Our online study curriculum is incredibly versatile. Check out what’s included below! To complete this study as an individual, click “Add to Cart.” Or, gather friends together in your living room or online for a small group. To purchase this study for a small group, see pricing and submit the Request Form below.



To purchase this study for small groups, see pricing and submit the Request Form below. If you are interested in an independent study, click “Add to Cart” above!

What’s included?

  • 1 free eMentoring appointment with Jonalyn Fincher (for individual independent studies) or a LIVE video Q&A session with Jonalyn Fincher (for small groups)
  • 10 sessions
  • All content is available online at any point during the time frame of your study
  • Introductory video by Dale and Jonalyn Fincher (approximately 30 minutes)
  • 10 readings from Jonalyn Fincher’s eBook, Shape: Becoming Comfortable In Your Own Skin
  • Free download of Jonalyn Fincher’s eBook, Shape: Becoming Comfortable In Your Own Skin
  • Discussion questions crafted by Jonalyn for individual journaling and group engagement
  • Leader’s Guide for structuring the study to meet your group’s needs. Structure this for meeting in person in your living room or online with friends across the globe!

Pricing Options for Groups:

$35/person for individuals or groups with 2-10 participants
$30/person for groups with 11-20 participants
$25/person for groups with 21+ participants

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