Corsets & Ties


Soulation will host this study from time to time. For current individual and group options see below.

Learn gender myths before they dominate your life.

This small group study is for you and your community if you find yourselves asking these questions:

Are stereotypes holding us back from sharing our abilities with one another?

How do we keep our roles from dominating our dating, marriage, and parenting?

How do we help our kids value their God-given sex?

How do I remain faithful to Scripture in my partnership without falling into the hierarchy between men and women?

Our online study curriculum is incredibly versatile. Check out what’s included below! To complete this study as an individual, click “Add to Cart.” Or, gather friends together in your living room or online for a small group. To purchase this study for a small group, see pricing and submit the Request Form below.

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To purchase this study for small groups, see pricing and submit the Request Form below. If you are interested in an independent study, click “Add to Cart” above!

What’s included?

  • 1 free eMentoring appointment with Dale or Jonalyn Fincher (for individual independent studies) or a LIVE video Q&A session with Dale and/or Jonalyn Fincher (for small groups)
  • 5 sessions
  • All content is available online at any point during the time frame of your study
  • 5 videos by Dale or Jonalyn Fincher (between 5-10 minutes each, with a longer 45 minute introductory video for Lesson 1), accompanied by readings from the Corsets and Ties eBook and Ruby Slippers
  • Free Kindle copy of Dale and Jonalyn Fincher’s new book, Corsets and Ties: Releasing Men and Women from Gender Myths
  • Discussion questions crafted by Jonalyn for individual journaling or group engagement
  • Leader’s Guide with options for structuring the study to meet your group’s needs. Structure this as a book club in your church or online with friends across the globe!

You will need a copy of Jonalyn’s book, Ruby Slippers: How the Soul of a Woman Brings Her Home (at an additional cost to the curriculum.) Discounted book bundles of Ruby Slippers are available. Let us know how many people will be participating in your small group, and we’ll send you a book bundle from our Soulation store!

Pricing Options for Groups:

$35/person for individuals or groups 2-10 participants
$30/person for groups with 11-20 participants
$25/person for groups with 21+ participants

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