“I am a Christian, but I struggle so much with separating “what I’ve always been taught”,  from what my mind is telling me about Scripture. It has given me so much to think on over the past few years, and it can be so overwhelming! The Finchers’ ability to verbalize what I’m going through is making me consider Dale and Jonalyn the only pastors I feel safe with right now.” – Linda



“eMentoring+” offers one week of email access to Jonalyn for coaching and encouragement after your hour of LIVE eMentoring. This product includes purchasing both eMentoring and the additional hour of mentorship throughout the week (eMentoring+).

How does eMentoring+work?

  • When your eMentoring appointment is complete, you can message Jonalyn on Facebook or email her personally for up to one week. This additional week of support constitutes about an hour’s worth of Jonalyn’s interaction throughout email or messaging. eMentoring+ is not live, but Jonalyn will return your message swiftly within business hours (M-F, 9am-5pm MT). Even if your correspondence does not fill the full hour of Jonalyn’s time, eMentoring+ expires one week after the live eMentoring appointment.
  • Live mentoring is $50, eMentoring+ is an additional $35.

How do I activate eMentoring+?

  • Schedule an eMentoring appointment by visiting this page.
  • To opt in for eMentoring+, simply check the button: “Would you like to schedule an additional week of eMentoring+ with Jonalyn?”
  • Once your initial eMentoring appointment is booked, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to pay for eMentoring+ (includes the cost of live mentoring and the hour of eMentoring+ throughout the week).

What do people message Jonalyn about during eMentoring+?

  • You can use eMentoring+ for any spiritual support you need during the week.
  • This can include but is not limited to:
    • Encouragement during a particularly difficult season.
    • Cheerleading through a new phase.
    • Requests for prayer.
    • Venting frustrations.
    • Questions about a difficult season.
  • Anything that you would share in a LIVE eMentoring appointment is welcome.

To schedule an eMentoring appointment, visit this page.

Looking for LIVE eMentoring? Click here.



Please note: This is pastoral counseling, not professional therapy. If you think you would benefit from professional therapy, check out our recommendations to make sure you find the right practitioner.