Finding Your Equal: a biblical guide for egalitarian dating eCourse

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Are you sick of the cat and mouse game that is called dating. Let us help with this 14-day eCourse!

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Remember being a kid on the playground. A little boy runs up and pulls a little girl’s pigtail. And suddenly they’re…engaged?

Sadly, those are simply where the games begin. Throughout our adult dating lives, we continue to play the games. He asks her out. Does she wait to respond? Can she ask him out? And in the digital age, it gets even more confusing. When can we be Facebook friends? Can I text twice in a row?

The games teach us to hide who we really are in order to get what we really want: lasting romance. But lasting romance cannot be built between two people who are hiding.

“Finding Your Equal: A Biblical Guide for Dating” is a 14-day eCourse designed to help you date better. Together we will explore the damages brought on by the purity culture and ideas of submission and patriarchy.

And together, we will learn how to build an enduring romance. No pigtail pulling allowed!

As a bonus, we will also include the audio for “Finding Your Equal in Dating and Marriage: An Egalitarian View.” Without holding back, Dale and Jonalyn draw from their own stories of dating relationships and engagements. You’ll laugh with them as they recall, after fourteen years of marriage, what they do and don’t regret. Move past unhelpful, rote advice and assemble your tools to build a hopeful, lasting love.

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Topics include:

  • Cat and mouse games (and why they’re so damaging)
  • Biblical support for equality in dating
  • Cleaning up the purity movement
  • Stewarding your sexuality

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