Seeing Jesus Through the Eyes of Mark


Seeing Jesus Through the Eyes of Mark

In 2008, Dale and Jonalyn Fincher invited the whole town to pack out their living room each week for a study through the Gospel of Mark. From announcing that the kingdom is near to shaking up the spiritual epicenter before traveling to the cross, Mark shows us Jesus. Journey through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus with Dale and Jonalyn Fincher in a 13-part audio series on “Seeing Jesus Through the Eyes of Mark.”


Tracks include:

  • The Kingdom is Near
  • The Authority of Jesus
  • Listening to popular, Crazy Jesus
  • When Desperate people Find the Kingdom
  • The Way of the Homeless King
  • Jews for Jesus…and Everyone Else
  • The Messiah and Those Who Follow Him
  • Children of the Kingdom
  • Jesus Shakes the Spiritual Epicenter
  • What Will Last?
  • Walking Towards the Cross
  • The Death of Jesus
  • The Resurrection of Jesus