Soulation Book Bundle


Dale and Jonalyn blend head and heart, the philosophical and the practical, art and logic, Truth-telling and Truth-seeking, and throw in a generous dose of humor, empathy, and humility.” – Katie

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Order a value bundle of all six of our books personally inscribed by authors Dale and Jonalyn Fincher. If you like what you see at Freedom Builders and want to share with your bookish friends, this set of books will keep your gift-giving stash full. Six books filled with apologetics, spiritual disciplines, philosophy–all honest and straightforward, with no Christianese. And, we’ll even throw in the shipping for FREE!

Bundle includes one autographed copy each:

Living With Questions, by Dale Fincher

Ruby Slippers: How the Soul of a Woman Brings Her Home, by Jonalyn Fincher

Coffee Shop Conversations: Making the Most of Spiritual Small Talk, by Dale Fincher and Jonalyn Fincher

Long Live the King: A Passion Reader, by Dale Fincher and Jonalyn Fincher

Opening the Stable Door: An Advent Reader, by Dale Fincher and Jonalyn Fincher

Invitation to Tears: A Guide to Grieving Well, by Jonalyn Fincher and Aubrie Hills


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