Soulation Community Full Membership

$20.00 / month

Soulation’s new community is like a home, glowing with light and life. Imagine walking up and ringing the doorbell. Step inside the mudroom and hear laughter from the living room where a theological discussion is ringing with laughter. The smell of banana bread floats toward you from the kitchen where a conversation about parenting mixes with the sounds of setting the table. Upstairs you hear a movie playing. You know it will be followed by a lively conversation.

The online Soulation Community will be like stepping into this house. You will discover a home secure in privacy where Dale and Jonalyn carefully curate conversations. Enter through the front door (your own profile page) and explore!

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With a Full Membership, you have access to the following features of the Soulation Community:

  • Your own personal profile and wall — curate your own feed (similar to Facebook)
  • “Living Human” — Dale and Jonalyn’s exclusive community blog for 2018
  • Sermon archives
  • Top 100 blog— Soulation’s top 100 posts from all blogs (including RubySlippers, LivingWithQuestions, BreakfastReading, SturdyAnswers, SoulationBlog) over our last 13 years, newly organized for swift access!
  • MyFaithHurdle — an organized forum for the community to wrestle together with life’s questions
  • Access to community Rooms, including
    • Things We Make — sharing creativity.
    • Book Nook — discussing and reviewing books, movies, and plays (hosting and archiving book clubs).
    • Culture and Citizenship — wrestling with faith, culture, politics, apologetics, and living well in society (prerequisite required).
    • Relationships and Sexuality — diving into the meatier topics and solutions of friendship, sexuality, and family (prerequisite required).
    • FreedomBuilders — a community within the community discussing the ongoing journey of spiritual healing (prerequisite “Spiritual Health: A Foundation” required).
    • Spiritual Health 2.0 — where we talk about growth, how to do it and what to practice. (prerequisite “Spiritual Health: A Foundation” required).

After purchasing this Membership, you will receive an invitation to join the Soulation Community.

Please Note: If you are a current Soulation Partner and would like to use your partner credit toward the purchase of a Full Membership, please contact before purchasing this membership.