What’s the Big Deal About Spiritual Abuse? And What You Can Do About It


You cannot bring healing to the darkness unless you first shine a light. Freedom Builders is holding a torch high.” – Carissa


In this eBook (with bonus video) you’ll learn several aspects of spiritual abuse, though this is only the start for those who want to be prepared and those who want to heal. You will find it isn’t about a list as much as “developing a nose” for manipulation and false teaching. How can we best respond to victims? How do we prevent fostering and protecting dysfunctional leadership? How do we address bullies who manipulate leaders? Can one person make a difference? How do we step in between an abuser and a victim without jeopardizing our own character? What does an abuse-proofed church, school, or family look like? How do we heal ourselves?

Here you’ll find real-life stories and thoughtful, biblically faithful ways to help you identify, heal, and prevent spiritual abuse. Your church, your family, your organization, and your future will thank you for proactively standing against the abuse of God’s name and God’s people.

We’ve included pieces like . . .

  • The Ugly Effects of Spiritual Abuse
  • What is the Difference Between Legalism and Spiritual Abuse?
  • Six Rules for Talking to Spiritual Abuse Survivors

. . . And more!

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