Why Trust the Bible? eCourse

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May 15-29, 2017

In our world today, the Bible doesn’t have the most gleaming reputation.

At best people equate it with a “Holy Book” with good moral instruction, but at worst it’s contradictory, patriarchal, violent, and therefore, completely untrustworthy. Quite frankly, the Bible makes people anxious.

What if the scrutiny of our friends, family, coworkers, or complete strangers can crumble our faith? Struggling to find the Bible reliable, the questions and criticisms surrounding Scripture get larger and more daunting:

  • How do you know God exists?
  • Does God speak in ways beyond Scripture?
  • What is truth?

Alongside Living With Questions author Dale Fincher, Why Trust the Bible? is a 14-day book-club format eCourse, providing a safe place for you to air your doubts and brush up on clear and satisfying reasons for trusting Scripture again. As part of Sacred Words: A Year with the Bible, this eCourse is committed to proving that the words of Scripture are sacred for a reason.

This is not a class where you’ll memorize heady, academic answers or believe it just “because the Bible says so.” Rather, you’ll build a foundation to reason for yourself. Dale will walk you to conclusions that make sense, ultimately equipping you for thoughtful engagement with others who disagree.

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Registration for this eCourse is now closed. 

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Topics include:

  • What is the truth and how can we trust it?
  • Does God exist?
  • If God exists, which religion reveals him?
  • Does God speak without the Bible?
  • Can we trust Scripture to tell the truth?
  • And more!

You will need a copy of Dale’s book, Living With Questions, and a journal. You can find paperback, Kindle, and used copies from Amazon.

Features of Soulation eCourses:

  • 7 lessons during the 14-day schedule (each lesson should take about 30 minutes to complete)
  • Reading and group discussion
  • All course content is accessible to you at any point throughout the course (until the course end date).
  • Private Facebook classroom to journey alongside like-minded individuals in discussion
  • Personal input throughout the course from Dale and Jonalyn — the experts on the topic!
  • Book club format exploring four chapters of Living With Questions