Commenting Rules on MyFaithHurdle

Most questions are personal. Step into the questioner’s shoes first before commenting. Attacks and name-calling will not be tolerated. Bring your personal experience, ideas, Scripture, and anything else that will help others explore answers to their questions. Try to avoid cliches and pat answers. Avoid religious jargon and big theological words unless you define what you mean by them. Avoid answers others have given you that you have not owned and tried for yourself.

Follow the “manners of loving discourse” as outlined in Coffee Shop Conversations:

      – Respect one another.
      – Step into their shoes.
      – Wrestle on your own.
      – Never judge a thing by its abuse.
      – Update your opinions of others.
      – Share your personal experience.
    – Allow others to remain unconvinced.

Thank you for joining the discussion and helping others have sturdy answers for better souls.