Every time I turn around it seems like someone is talking about “accountability” as though all sincere, true believers need it to truly walk with God and be free from sin. Even application forms even ask the questions, “Do you have an accountability partner?” I see it in fitness (I need an accountability partner, or I won’t exercise regularly!) and in teachings about prayer (You need an accountability partner so you can pray regularly, and they will be asking you about it, so you will be more motivated to pray.) To me, this puts the motivation to exercise, to pray, to not sin, firmly in the category of pride. Meaning, “I don’t want to be shamed, therefore I will read my Bible, not skip exercising, not look at pornography, or even do positive things like say three positive things a day to my wife.” I am willing to be proven wrong. I do understand that accountability is helpful when overcoming addictions, but I really struggle with how it’s promoted in the church today and whether or not it is really a biblical concept. Help!

This is my faith hurdle. –The Rebel