Gods-HelpI’ve always heard people from all walks of Christianity say unquestioningly that God “will handle the rest.”  God will always forgive, always help, and he cleans our spirit without keeping track of our sins, etc.
My problem is, I’m not sure how comfortable I feel in expecting that attention. I would like to believe it, as I’ve found it helpful during hard times in my life, but deep down I guess I fear what could happen if I take God’s forgiveness and assistance for granted.

When I pray, I’ve become aware that my first test is asking for God’s help. I then wonder if God deserves better than to have billions of people, like me, mainly praying because they need something. That leads to feelings of guilt while praying — something I don’t think is right. I am naturally a worrier, but when it comes to my faith, I feel almost superstitious.

I was raised in a Catholic church up to my teen years, but my parents were never fans of the heavily guilt-ridden teachings of our church. I have since joined a Methodist church and converted (well, in the technical sense), but maintained some of my Catholic considerations. One of those is my formality; I like formal dress for church, hymns, and I think some level of formality in my approach to God has tied in with that.

I’d like some clarification for my perspective but also want to ask: Is it wrong that we expect God’s forgiveness and help when we need it? Are we taking him/her for granted? Does God want us to do just that?

This is my faith hurdle. –Curious