We are called to forgive even when we don’t feel a person “deserves” forgiveness. Forgiving those who do not ask for it has always been a struggle for me, but I have generally been able to let go of things that only weigh me down. It is far easier, however, when I no longer have to be in contact with that person.

My current struggle is that the person who treated me incredibly poorly is still a part of my life, as we still move in the same circles of friendship. I’ve tried so hard to forgive, and I’ve begged for forgiveness from our Savior when I fail. I no longer harbor only negative feelings toward them, nor do I celebrate in their failure, but I don’t yet rejoice in this person’s success. Am I not being diligent enough in my attempts to forgive? When do I know if I’ve actually forgiven and moved past it all?

This is my faith hurdle. –Hannah