I was recently in a situation that leaves me very confused…

I was having difficulties finding a good paying job in my hometown. My sister and her husband heard about it and offered to help me find a better job and provide free housing if I was willing to relocate to their hometown. My sister and family are very religious and know that I am not. I was a bit concerned about this before agreeing to the move and voiced my concerns.
My sister promised me she would not force her beliefs on me, or even make me go to church. She claimed she simply wanted to help me.

Unfortunately, this was not the case. Once I reached their hometown, they continually tried to pressure me into attending church. Not just any church, but their particular church and denomination. Although I have had horrific experiences in church, and prefer not to attend, I suggested a compromise where I got to choose my own church. They refused to hear me, and demanded that I attend their particular church several times a week or leave their house. They also mentioned that they decided to “go back on their original word” because “I should have known they were just saying that to get me to come here.”

I am confused as to why I cannot pick my own church, and why someone who claims to be Christian will not honor their word. Isn’t my faith my own personal choice? Why do some Christians try to take away one’s freedom regarding their faith and personal beliefs?

This is my faith hurdle. –Confused