As promised last Friday, a photo journey through Soulation’s COUPLES Gathering.



IMG_3815 IMG_3820
IMG_3823 IMG_4137 IMG_4136 IMG_4134 IMG_4132 IMG_4127 IMG_4119 IMG_4113 IMG_4111 IMG_4104
IMG_4088 IMG_4075 IMG_4068 IMG_4065 IMG_4061 IMG_4059 IMG_4012 IMG_4005 IMG_4001 IMG_3998 IMG_3995 IMG_3983 IMG_3978 IMG_3968 IMG_3965 IMG_3957 IMG_3954 IMG_3950 IMG_3948 IMG_3945 IMG_3942 IMG_3936 IMG_3934 IMG_3932
IMG_3924 IMG_3921 IMG_3919 IMG_3918 IMG_3899 IMG_3892
IMG_3864 IMG_3862 IMG_3856 IMG_3854 IMG_3846 IMG_3842 IMG_3839 IMG_3832 IMG_4131

Thank you, to each person who made this Gathering possible. We look forward to the talks, books, ideas, and souls that will take on a new life because you gave of yourselves.

P.S. If this looks fun, let me know! Dale and I (and the Soulation team) would love to get to know you at our GOLD Gathering this September! Apply by July 14th.