The Bible and the Gay Christian eCourse

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June 7-21, 2017

You don’t have to avoid your evangelical friends any longer. You don’t have to avoid your gay friends any longer.

Of course you have your own tightly-held convictions. But can you imagine holding onto these, and at the exact same time, listening well to your friends from the “other” side?

It’s about more than gay marriage. It’s about more than proof-texting from the Bible. You can disagree without disrespecting anyone or losing friends. It’s about disagreeing well!

Let us empower you to grow and deepen your connection with your gay and evangelical friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors. Walk away from this eCourse confident to discuss with care and more importantly, to listen better. There may be no easy answers. But the real beauty is you no longer have to be afraid–you can still laugh and learn alongside your friends.

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Participation in this eCourse is the only way to get a copy of Jonalyn’s opinion book, Finding Words: An Unusual Evangelical View on the Gay Marriage Debate.

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Listen to one of last year’s participants describe how The Bible and the Gay Christian eCourse helped her navigate relationships with LGBT people in real time:

“It is one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had. Not just the subject matter–it was fantastic and well organized–but the manner and care in how each view and perspective was presented. I recommend this course for any Christian who wants to go deeper than the “us vs. them” politics and encounter ways to care for real LGBT people in their families and churches as Jesus would.”

Topics include:

  • Power and Privilege
  • Beyond Two Sides
  • Rights, Coercion, and Freedom of Conscience
  • Biblical Marriage
  • The Celibacy Option
  • And more…

Time Requirement:

  • 15 day course
  • 8 video lessons (15 minutes each) released every other day. You can watch them at any time after they’re released until end of eCourse.
  • Optional private, daily group discussion. Personal input throughout the course from Jonalyn — the host for each interview!

A minimum of 10 participants is needed to run this eCourse with live group discussion. With fewer than 10 participants, this eCourse will run as an independent study.